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Ben Borgognone

BEN BORGOGNONE of BUTTERCOOKY BAKERY started baking cakes and pastries in high school, setting up his “commission” as a Pastry Chef in his father’s Pastry Shop, in Brooklyn N.Y. Ben at a young age had good work ethics. Owning and operating his own pastry business in the future, was a vision deeply imbedded in his foresight. During this youthful stint in his life, Ben was offered a Collegiate Football Scholarship, in which he accepted. While attending College, he majored in Hotel and Business Management. Shortly after graduation, Ben landed himself a job as Assistant Pastry Chef at the PLAZA HOTEL in NYC. Ben worked two jobs, as he continued to work part-time at his Uncle’s previously owned Pastry Shop known as VENIERO’S, New York City’s renowned Bakery. Ben recognized his boundless artistic ideas and creative abilities, and finally set his dream into action. With his gifted skills Ben seized his passion for the arts in pastry, and combined it with his entrepreneurial drive, and together with his wife purchased Buttercooky Bakery in 1995. It was there that he put his motivation, talent and skill to work. “Being able to envision something and bring it to life.” is what Ben says he enjoys most. His forte is to provide his customers with the best quality baked goods, at down-to-earth prices. Few others can create such elaborate, refined and impeccably embellished European-style pastries, delectable desserts and Specialty Cakes just to name a few.

Standing by his trademarked motto, “Baked with Butter, Makes It Better,” Chef Borgognone set out to restore the butter cookie to its former grandeur, using only real butter and heavy cream in his recipes. Buttercooky Bakery is recognized as one of the few bakeries that use real butter in ALL of their recipes. Although the bakery pours out endless amounts of products daily, Ben says, “I am in the service business, so I try to deliver with graceful and refined style.” His cakes have just the right texture, moistness and savor. The buttercream frostings are just sugary enough to make you want a piece of the piped eloquent rose ornamented on top of the cake, which actually seems to blossom from beneath the frosting! Chef Borgognone constantly searches out the latest production techniques, state of the art equipment, and remains up to date on contemporaneous trends by attending Patisserie and Distributor Showcases, not to mention his love of reading. Although Chef Borgognone has recently been offered a Pastry Chef Reality Show, he chose to decline the offer, but may consider it at a later time. Ben was quoted as saying, “I have three children, ages 21,19 and 13, Buttercooky is my fourth child, my children all need one hundred percent of my attention right now, I can’t find the time for a Reality Show right now, but I will never say never!.”

Not surprisingly, many of Borgognone’s customers often request that he use his own authentic ingredients, honed techniques and flare to his essences and designs that they insist take center stage. One of his signature creations is the Fruit Salad Cake, filled with fresh custard, fresh strawberries, bananas, and delectable peaches all under white drifts of avant-garde whipped cream.

Ben is committed to providing his customer’s with the finest, freshest ingredients around. Just one taste will convince you that Buttercooky’s products are unbeatable in flavor, taste and freshness. Ben says,” As a Pastry Chef, I am in a unique position to translate the world around me into edible art…and when I create a product that totally surpasses my customer’s expectations…that’s when I realize why I do what I do, and I love it!”

Borgognone’s devotion, diligence, authentic recipes, elegant presentations and grander baked goods has allowed Buttercooky Bakery to earn its current high standards nationally and become one of Long Island’s famed and legendary landmarks, as it is known as today.